hey everyone. I know I know i havent been updating often. I have the reason for that. For a few weeks my friend is taking over alilovesyablog because I have a friend that is dying from cancer and is on life support. Her mom is asking them to pull the plug but I have to talk her out of it. I need to be there for my friend. i know I have alot of catching up to do so here:

Monthly code: EDFD-50EC-7026-84B9
Monday code: 7177-D3D7-7FD0-82F3
track toolbar:

Updates:New Updates!
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Also when you register, you get 20 free gems!

New critters :Ottorobo, Frog

Also i found a generated e mail witch you will see on next christmas (maybe)

Merry Christmas.Check your inventory for a present…
You’ve got a Present!

Secret codes?

Ive seen some things about residency codes, coin codes, quest codes in files maybe something is coming 🙂

New gem offer service?

UltraWall 🙂


1 Response to “Mourning”

  1. 1 mello
    June 11, 2010 at 11:45 am

    hi im so sorry about ur friend id be so sad 😦 i hope everything goes wellx

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